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All products made by HMS-VILGO meet the most exacting standards of the European Community and are delivered with a CE type examination certificate.

HMS and VILGO hold innovation and development as priorities when they conceive products for the home care and nursing homes market. Products including Home care beds, hoists and a complete range of medical devices for differently-abled people, are manufactured at our facilities in France.

The sales team is close to you and at your disposal.

From the stage of design till the final quality check, we strive to dilligently respond to your expectations of quality, safety, and lead times.

  • NF EN ISO 13485

    NF EN ISO 13485

    Certified ISO 13485 : 2016 / A11 : 2021

  • Silver Economy

    Silver Economy

    Players in Silver Economy sector

  • French manufacturing

    French manufacturing

    A wide range of our products is labelled Origine France Garantie

  • Entreprise labellisée

    Entreprise labellisée

    Industrie du futur